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Your account setup is the quickest I have ever experienced. I was actually hesitant to host with you because the price seemed too cheap to believe. I started one account with you, and if all goes well, I've got two more coming to you.

I've only been signed up for 10 minutes, but I really think you have a great system.

Keep up the good work!

Justin Byers

It is always difficult to find the right hosting solution. It truly is a forest full of trees out there. I needed only three things: 1. Lots of space 2. ASP hosting 3. A low price.

ReadyHosting beats most competitors on pricing and makes up with good service and a wonderful hosting package. Easily my hoster of choice.


Babak Fakhamzadeh


I've been with your company since 7 Dec 00, and all I can say is outstanding!

I was previously with another hosting company, and to say I was displeased with their service is a great under statement. Their tech support personnel was pompous and arrogant. They continually had problems with their network, and they didn't want to admit it. Some of the younger tech support people didn't know the meaning of customer service. When I was growing up, customer service was paramount (I'm retired from the military after 20 years, and have been out for over 5 years).

Since I've been with ReadyHosting, your people have been very receptive and helpful. They have made me feel like I'm just as important as a CEO of a company. I feel that your company really believes in customer service. In the time I have been with you, I have dealt with Billing, Tech Support, a lady in Sales, and several others that I can't remember. They have all been very nice and helpful.

I suggested your site to a friend, and he came over from another hosting company.

I would like to ask you to personally thank all the people mentioned above for me, and also let their supervisor know also.


I am very happy with the service I have received from ReadyHosting. Setup was fast and easy and tech support has been great. I had a question over the weekend and sent an email to tech support; I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response on Sunday night at 9PM, only hours after I sent my inquiry. I am very happy with the service and will recommend it to everyone I know. The pricing is great, the service is great, ReadyHosting is great.

Scott Schoenherr

Firstly I would like to say that I searched long and hard for a web host. There are so many good deals out there that it was a tough choice. For one reason or another, I decided upon ReadyHosting to host Future Gamez. Future Gamez, having previews and reviews of console games, is graphically intensive, but I can say that ReadyHosting is well and truly fast enough. After a week online I have not had one problem with and have been praised by my readers with the amount of speed that the site now downloads at. This is well and truly a magnificent web hosting service.

David Warner
Future Gamez - Extreme Excitement

I just set up my eighth website on ReadyHosting. I had one minor problem, but Tech Support corrected it within half an hour. The fact that I have continued to transfer and start new websites on ReadyHosting after more than a year with you is evidence of my satisfaction of your excellent service and skilled staff. Hats off to your superb package and commitment to providing top-notch Web hosting and reseller options.

Henry Caine